Looking for a rainy winter’s afternoon activity to do with the kids? Stuck for date night ideas while restaurants are closed? We might have just the thing you’re looking for – with an exclusive discount, no less.

As you might have seen on our Instagram Stories (you can follow us @staffordshiresauce if you don’t already), we recently got to try out You Can Dough It, the new DIY pizza in a pan kit from Staffordshire-based Parogon Group.

You Can Dough It box

Launched at the start of November as hospitality venues across the UK closed their doors to diners yet again, these aptly named kits are now available for collection from Thursday to Sunday at five of Parogon’s seven pubs: The Orange Tree (Newcastle), The Wayfarer (Stone), The Blockhouse (Baldwin’s Gate), The Seven Stars (Brocton) and The Red House (Lilleshall, Shropshire).

Order and pick-up couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the dedicated You Can Dough It website, choose your closest or most convenient participating venue from the dropdown menu, select your collection time and pay in advance. When you arrive, all you need to do is call the venue on the phone number provided and someone (wearing a mask, of course) will bring the box out to you.

You Can Dough It contents

The pizza box packaging doubles as a method of presentation, if you want to relish that takeaway feeling alongside the satisfaction of making your own pizza (almost) from scratch. From the moment it’s handed over you can’t fail to notice that distinctive aroma making your mouth water. Inside, all the components are nestled in plastic tubs, neatly labelled and ready to go.

Included in the DIY kit are two readymade dough balls (big enough to make two medium-sized pizzas), chunks of Fior di Latte mozzarella, a generous portion of San Marzano tomato sauce, ditto Grana Padano cheese, a few basil leaves, a seasoning mix of dried herbs and salt, a flour/semolina mix to dust your work surface, and some extra virgin olive oil to drizzle over the top of your pizzas.

The only equipment you’ll need is a frying pan (or pans, if you want to make both pizzas at once). You can use a rolling pin to shape the base if you like, but it’s much more satisfying – and really easy – to stretch it by hand. It’s a good idea to prepare any extra toppings you like beforehand, too. We used some sliced chorizo, red onion and green olives (which was delicious, if we do say so ourselves), but all the ingredients you need to make a perfectly respectable margherita are provided in the kit – as shown in the photo at the top of this article.

Easy to follow instructions are helpfully printed on the inside of the box lid. It’s a really straightforward process with plenty of room to get creative and relatively little room for error – great if you want to get the kids involved. It’s as simple as putting the stretched dough in a pan and adding your toppings. You’ll want the underside quite well done before you transfer to the grill to finish off the top; as the instructions suggest, it’s worth checking you’ve got a good colour on the base by lifting the edge gently with a spatula.

Good quality ingredients make this kit worth the £15 price tag, in our opinion. The well-seasoned tomato sauce, firm mozzarella and crumbly Grana Padano, along with the airy, gratifyingly chewy texture of the base, allow you to recreate the experience of eating out in the comfort of your home. There’s minimal washing up to contend with, and it’s a relatively affordable way to support a local hospitality business at a time when many are struggling.

Only marginally more expensive than fast food takeaway pizza, the added value here is in the enjoyment you get from opening up that box and creating a delicious meal in not much more than 15 minutes. And there are few things more satisfying – especially after the year we’ve all had – than curling up on the sofa to eat hot, cheesy bread fresh out of the pan.

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You Can Dough It

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