As your enthusiasm for New Year’s resolutions, post-Christmas diets and Dryanuary slowly begin to fizzle away, it could be time for a new approach to get you through January. We’re not saying cutting back on your alcohol intake is a bad idea, but why not try something new and a bit special if you can, rather than (pardon the pun) going completely cold turkey?

Tryanuary is the perfect time to explore unusual flavours and discover your new favourite tipple. We’ve been chatting to the beer and wine experts of Staffordshire – our trusty independent bottle shop owners – to find out their not-to-be-missed favourites for you to try this January…

Torrside Cascadian Dark AleTorrside Brewery – Late to the Party Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA), 5.5%
“In the spirit of Tryanuary, I recommend trying this Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA) from Torrside Brewery. This oxymoronic style combines the malt-driven colour and dark, roasty flavours of darker beers, with the aromas and flavours expected in an IPA – in this case, citrus and piney notes from the New Zealand Southern Cross hops. #BIPAComeback.”

Phil at Otter’s Tears
24 Queen Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 3EG

A Growers Touch – Durif, 14%
“Your favourite wine must’ve been new to you at some point, but there’s a whole world of wines to try, so let’s get adventurous! How about trying a Durif? A great mix of blackberry, blueberry and mulberry, this wine is rich and powerful – perfect for drinking with a slow cooked lamb or beef pie.”

Dave at Wolseley Wine Loft
Upper Floor, Willey Barn, Stafford, ST17 0XS

Big Drop x Fyne Ales Jam Session raspberry gose

Big Drop Brewing Co. x Fyne Ales – Jam Session Raspberry Gose, 0.5%
“Here at Candid, we’re really enjoying this alcohol-free raspberry sour beer from Big Drop Brewing Co. in collaboration with Fyne Ales. It’s super refreshing, with a nicely balanced earthy tartness, and a mouthfeel that masks its 0.5% ABV. The perfect drop for both Dry January and Tryanuary!”

Mark at Candid Beer
Units 4 & 5, Woodings Yard, Bailey Street, Stafford, ST17 4BG

Saucony Creek – The Bronco Double Dry Hopped NEIPA, 7.8%
“A strong double lactose IPA, The Bronco is brewed by Saucony Creek, based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania – a brewery founded by former X-Games competitor Matt Lindenmuth. Rolled oats and heaps of lactose give this strong IPA a luxuriously smooth mouthfeel and creamy sweetness that balances the Mosaic hops.”

Chris and Robin at Brews of the World
159 Station Street, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 1BN

Midnight Frost Vidal Icewine bottle

Pillitteri Estates Winery – Midnight Frost Vidal Icewine, 11%
“Try this delicious ice wine from one of Canada’s top producers. The grapes are harvested at -8 degrees Celsius, leaving a tiny amount of amazingly sweet juice. Mouthcoating lychee, pineapple and peach are underscored by brilliant freshness. A must-try dessert wine for 2020. Cheers!”

Kieran at Three Pillars
6 High Street, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, ST21 6BZ