Mark and Jess Bamping opened the doors to Candid Beer in Stafford’s Woodings Yard on Good Friday 2019 after years of dreaming, planning and hard work. You can find out what Candid’s all about in our interview with Mark in the Autumn 2019 issue of Sauce Magazine, but for here are his top beer recommendations for September…

I recently discovered Lab Culture Brewery in Redditch, and instantly loved the ethos and story that underpins their fantastic beers. ‘Waste with Taste’ is probably one of the more unusual beer descriptors out there, but ultimately that’s what makes Lab Culture a truly unique brewery.

Based on a vertical farm, Lab Culture Brewery uses the excess heat created by the farm to heat and power the brewery. So their green credentials are well up there with some of the better known brewers with an environmentally conscious approach to the brewing process, such as Adnams and, more locally, Freedom. We currently have three of Lab Culture’s beers in stock at Candid Beer, and customer feedback has been really positive. Given their innovative and scientific approach to brewing, many of their beers are named after scientists, with a beer-y twist.

Lab Culture Brewery

Gregor Mendale | Pale Ale | 4.2%

This is the first beer that Lab Culture produced and forms part of their core range. It’s an American style pale ale with a hazy appearance and boasts a super smooth mouthfeel. Although the can doesn’t include details of the hop varieties used, it’s safe to assume it features a typical New World hop bill producing notes of citrus fruits, pineapple, and a hint of pine.

Alefred Nobel | Session Rye IPA | 3.6%

Rye beers are not to everyone’s taste, nor are they everyone’s ‘go to’ style. However, I’d encourage everyone to give rye beers a chance, and particularly this cracker from Lab Culture. It has the characteristic nutty and spicy undertones expected in this style of beer, and this is nicely balanced with fresh grapefruit and pine flavours. As a lower strength beer, it’s the sort of drink you could enjoy over and over.

Speciality Brew No. 002 | Lime & Basil Saison | 4%

As the name suggests, this particular beer falls outside Lab Culture’s core range. Personally, I’m a sucker for a saison – a refreshing Belgian-style farmhouse ale. Typically, saisons are characterised by their high carbonation, dry spicy finish and bready sweetness. This saison certainly features those qualities, and the addition of the lime and basil gives this beer an additional tartness and sweetness that is really refreshing. 

Candid Beer
Units 4 & 5, Woodings Yard, Bailey Street, Stafford, ST17 4BG