In the last couple of weeks, BURR Speciality Food + Coffee has been unveiled as the new face of RAWR at its Trentham Shopping Village location.

A lick of paint has given the café a lighter look, with fresh pink and wood veneer signage that is modern and welcoming. The RAWR spirit of warm hospitality matched by great real food and drink is very much alive in BURR, but the transition to focus on coffee gives director Gemma Bloor a little more flexibility and hopefully will cater more effectively to daytrippers and tourists as well as locals.

Working incredibly hard to operate at two locations, Gemma and her partner Steve have seen the brand evolve in different directions in Hanley and Trentham. The smaller kitchen at the Trentham site means the menu has never been as extensive and experimental as it is at RAWR Hanley. And the health food and coffee industries increasingly appear to be poles apart to Gemma.

“We’re passionate about coffee – we always have been – but we’re limited in how far we can take our exploration of real food and coffee under the RAWR brand, because of how it’s perceived,” she told Sauce.

“A simplified food offering here means we can focus on quality, evolving our coffee offering in a location where we attract quite a different customer base than the Hanley site.”

The menu at BURR has been stripped back to tasty brunch and sandwich staples, with some tactical additions (hello, bacon bun). But many of the dishes you’ll find on there are old favourites like avo toast or eggs Florentine, and you can still get Gemma’s famous grain bowl. The menu remains as inclusive as ever with options for vegetarians and vegans, and there’s a wide choice of milks to take your ‘not coffee’ or hot chocolate to the next level.

BURR is also home to a new giftware section where you can pick up the Bird & Blend Tea and Climpson and Sons coffee that are served in-house, as well as an array of brewing paraphernalia from Aeropresses to V60s, whisks and measuring spoons. While they’ve been serving Climpson and Sons for a good long time, Gemma recently switched tea suppliers to Bird & Blend, with eight different blends currently stocked and Spiced Pumpkin Pie as the current guest tea.

The café recently received its alcohol license, so there will soon be a selection of gins available and craft beer to take away or drink in. The space is also available for private hire, as is RAWR Hanley, where you can now book a Christmas party package from £25pp.

Unit 318, Trentham Shopping Village, Stone Road, ST4 8AX