Tucked away in Getliffe’s Yard, Leek, is Misco’s. Megan Walmsley-Pitts and Francisco Davies set up their business, specialising in handmade chocolates and truffles, after wowing family and friends with their homemade treats.

From the very start the pair have insisted on keeping their products free from artificial preservatives, despite the pressure to extend shelf-life. Because the chocolates only keep for between 2-3 weeks, Francisco and Megan have to make fresh stock every day.

“The taste and vibrancy come from the freshness,” explains Francisco. “It’s made it harder for us, so we have to work that much harder.”

Their chocolate is sourced from all over the world – Colombia, Venezuela, Tanzania – and is available to buy if you would like to use it in your own cooking, as well as going into ganaches.

“Depending on where it’s been grown you get different subtleties of flavour,” Megan says. “You can get really peaty, smoky, earthy or tropical fruit flavours.”

So what’s popular with the good people of the Staffordshire Moorlands?

“We probably sell double the number of salted caramel chocolates compared to anything else,”reveals Francisco. “But people definitely have their favourites; they’ll come in and wipe us out of a particular flavour.”

Among their more unusual creations is a new rosemary, olive oil and Himalayan pink salt chocolate. Cherry vodka was added to the range on customer request, but port and stilton is one combination that hasn’t made it.

“It’s about more than just food, having a shop,” says Megan. “You’re in the community. We’ve accidentally ended up being a luxury brand because we’re using the best ingredients, but we’re real with it and that’s important.”

Misco’s Chocolates
19 Getliffe’s Yard
Leek, ST13 6HU